The Wellness Sanctuary at Harmony Harvest is a sacred temple dedicated to health, wellness, beauty and energy healing. Ami Nakamura, the founder and a gifted energy healer herself is available for more intensive energy healing sessions. Harmony Harvest Wellness Sanctuary is her vision to fulfill her life-long dream of educating and helping others to embark on their own wellness journey.

You may need to detox inside and out?

Are you feeling stressed because you have been working so hard and feel like you will never get back to a normal life…just feeling tired and worn out every day? Do you wish you could get away and change your life to simply be happy again?

Would you just like to lie down and relax in your own beautiful natural hideaway, a private sanctuary where healthy and delicious meals are brought to you, your body can enjoy gentle massages, and you can receive warmth, caring and nurturing delivered with heartfelt love?

Detox Tasmania Spa Health Retreat -We have what you are looking for - professional Ayurvedic therapies, organic facial and detoxifying body treatments. Completely delivered in a natural sanctuary where all you hear is birds singing and the wind in the trees, under beautiful clear blue skies and distant mountains.

Our five day retreat is designed for your own luxurious break.

Just bring your body, we will look after you.

After five days, your mind and body will feel very happy and revived. You will feel once again refreshed, revitalised and feel like flying into the beautiful blue sky. Yes, this is what our customers tell us…

We offer wellness consultations for those who seek a holistic approach. Natural and healing therapies could also be combined with nutrition, fitness, beauty treatments and pampering. Therapies and treatments are based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic traditions, Herbalism, infused and blended seamlessly with modern practicalities and western luxuries. We use our exclusive signature products – Harmony Harvest – that are ACO-certified organic and made naturally in Tasmania.

Our team is always on hand to guide guests through their wellness journey or any therapy of which they wish to partake. If you have a health or wellness goal, we would be ready to guide you with healing hands and caring hearts. Whatever your choice to rediscover physical and mental harmony, Harmony Harvest Wellness Sanctuary has it all. Melt away your stress and recharge your inner energy flow. This is the perfect place to harness positive energy within a comforting space.

The Wellness Sanctuary by Harmony Harvest 

210 Old Bernies Road Margate Tasmania 7054 Australia