Healthy skin care tips you must follow to make your face look 10 years younger.

❶Avoid toxins that damage your skin!

ACO Certified organic (all Harmony Harvest products have received ACO organic certification) ACO certification guarantees no toxins in products. Our products do not contain any toxins such heavy metal, polymer or chemical paraben. Ourselves as humans are not made to be covered by plastics! Also we should not be applying non-organic dairy as it is toxic. Our products also do not contain any of toxins such heavy metal, polymers or chemical parabens. 

❷NO animal testing & cruelty.

Animal testing & cruelty free. No animal has to die to test our products. Tests are done only on our creator (Ami!)

Pure ingredients. raw, organic, wild and sustainably harvested botanicals and minerals.  

We always go back to the source.

Nothing synthetic. Free of artificial colours, preservatives and synthetic detergent.

The NO list! We do not use alcohol, mineral oils, PEG’s,  parabens, propylene glycol, sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, DEA, MEA, TEA’s…

❸Daily organic skin food - Moisture skin and promote new skin cell

Do you think any skincare products repair the skin as they've promised? Obviously not, because all skincare products used chemical polymer emulsifier agents to mix oil and water. This is a plastic…so any ingredients never penetrate into the skin properly.

It means all skincare products are sitting on top of skin, however inside the skin is really dry. We discover how our skin promotes new skin and restoration better with our organic skincare products. Ourselves as humans are not made to be covered by plastics! Also we should not be applying non-organic dairy as it is toxic. Skin needs to be fed organic food.

Certified Organic Skin Care

People are realising that it is not only beneficial to eat Organic , but we can also use them to support our largest organ – the skin. Most commercial cosmetics, body care and hair care products use chemical emulsifying wax which coats the skin – this clogs skin's pores, blocks the skin from breathing, creates big skin pores as they try to breathe and dries up the skin.

These chemical preservatives may also be a cancer causing factor. Harmony Harvest Certified Organic Skincare products allow the skin to breathe, which promotes relaxation and relieves stress, rebalancing the body and mind.  Harmony Harvest spa products are as effective as leading world-class spa products.

Australian Certified Organic by ACO

All our certified organic skincare products have received organic certification via the Australian Certified Organic (ACO) industry body. ACO certification also meets the International Organic Standard IFORM.  Achieving this accreditation is extremely difficult with 95% of ingredients having to be certified organic and the remaining 5% has to be all natural ingredients. No chemicals are permitted.  So, our all products are fully Certified Organic which guarantees a much higher quality than most commercially produced ‘organic’ products – commonly they only are using a small percentage of organic ingredients yet their packaging convinces us they are ‘all about organic’.