DE STRESS Breathing techniques

When we get stressed, our organ's stop working the way they should. One of those organ's that doesn't work so well under stress is the stomach and the digestive system.

So, our non digested meals stuck in our digestive organ then create gas or blockage.

In the end our skin colour became  dark, dry and wrinkly.

It means STRESS speeds up ageing!

It is most important to avoid STRESS, if you wish to look 10 years younger.

Stress Relief Exercise:

Let's start

❶ Sit in chair at a shallow level and keep your back to straight

❷ Put both legs to floor.

❸ Then one by one, slowly get your legs up and down every few minutes.

❹ Next, lower both arms up and down every few minutes.

❺ Make sure to time your breathing to the same movement. When up, breath in. Then breath out when legs or arm down.

❻ Keep on going breathing until you get a calm mind.

❼ When get you get used to it, please try shortening your breathing in and produce long breath out.

Done ?

How you feel now?